Why do you bash on here?

Simple question. Why do people bash another on this place. It is the computer age and you are giving false information pertaining to certain things. Why is it wrong for someone to call you out and you get defensive. This as I know from taking some phsycology. When you get defensive your in a lie. Or partial lie. So I ask. How can we stop bashing the styles. Something has to happen. Why? I'm tiered of this bragging and freaking downing of another's style. I'm so tempted to take time off from my school and bring some of my students to show you what some are bashing about. Another phsycological evaluation would say some of you bash it because your scared of it. Or just plain don't understand it. If you don't understand it. Then don't remark about it. You wouldn't say that to my face. I promise you this. We need more respect because my *** is showing. I'll back it up though. Your asses are showing as well. I've asked número use members, even in email as not to attract attention and still will not share what they are. This bothers me. I'm happy to share who I am and what I do. Your shyness is another psychological analysis. Why aren't you proud to show who you are. Please she'd light for me. Why be so secretive in here. I can put a million things I'm not. But I'm proud to show who I am and what I've accomplished in this short life. Quit jerking me and others around. Come out of your hole.

Don't be a smart asss either. What's your question. It's here plain as day.

I have a remarkably good memory. Don't make me call some of you out. I understand you like to answer questions. That's awesome. But if your not sure. Don't freaking answer it. I would appreciate this, some others and I'm sure yahoo answers alike. Ty. Gary davis


Lol I can see there are three types in here. The ones who don't like bashing. The ones who do. And the ones who don't care. Lol

Update 2:

So Pug paws comes outta his shell. Love it. Some hostility. Gruesome. It's not shocking though right. I thought idea pissed you off sooner. Well you held your guns pretty tight there cowboy. Lol. Good job. I still gonna check on anyone I choose though. It's people that bad talk styles is what I speak of. I'm not bashing styles. I'm bashing people. Lol. And if I did bash a style, it's because they bashed mine. So there it be. Honestly I didn't read your whole thingie down there. But what you sent me email. I'm actually very very close to you. Might have to come visit you.

Update 3:

Kw so I've never called anyone a troll. I call them pudds. Lol. Pudds. Doesn't mean anything. Just like to ruffle up some feathers. Isn't it exciting, instead of the same o same o. Getting stuck in the same stuff every day. I don't know how you guys stay on here so much. I can't hang. Lmao

Update 4:

See you had to go and talk crap Peggy paws. Again with your crude comments. And to think I almost crushed it. Who the hell gives you the place to say what my attitude is as when I was a deputy sheriff. Actually I'm pretty good at it. And for your info. I have a great attitude on life, in my community of people friends family. But not on some site where people want to talk crap about my style. When knowing all good and well they are bashing my image as well as everyone else's. someone needs to make a stand against you guys monopolizing this site. And heck I figured it be me. And if you can't stand the heat, get outta the kitchen. Because I'm nowhere from done. Think you can bash who I am and think imma sit here and take it. You got the wrong martial artist here big guy. I don't play cool and lay back when someone slanders what I am, and/or who I am. Yet again I put on the table the proof I was with the sheriffs dept. would you like a picture of my wife too. I tell yo

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  • 8 years ago
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    You take psychology huh? Then you definitely aren't experienced quite enough then. A well trained psychologist wouldn't let comments bother them and go as far as posting things on the interwebs.

  • 8 years ago

    Gotta love this. The username is TKDisthebest. Obvious troll or idiot who knows nothing about respect or the arts. Oh, and it's spelled "psychology". It's a good idea know how to spell your field of study. As far as your psychological evaluation goes, you're angry because someone has undermined you; your training and your identity which you've either consciously or unconsciously put above others. You think that just because YOU'RE angry, your opinions become more valid? Similarly just because YOU train in TKD, it makes it the best? No offense, but your post is full of **** and you couldn't sound more of a butthurt crybaby if you tried - end of psychoanalysis.

    "I'm tempted to bring some of my students to see what some of you are bashing about", lol. So if people have a different opinion or are cowardly bashers like you say they are, why do you care so much about their opinion? Nobody is "jerking you around" but yourself. You're so proud of yourself yet you hide behind your "position" and "psychology" as if it had some legitimizing factor in your silly rant.

    I've seen much of what you've posted on this forum, and for the most part, it's horrible advice only beginners without much knowledge would post. In conclusion, you're an arrogant and unintelligent clown who hides behind his claimed "position" that required no education yet pretends to be some badass on here and believes that his opinions matter.

  • 8 years ago

    You aren't the first person to get angry at the trolls on this forum for style bashing. It gets tiring after awhile. We say it again and again, its the practitioner, not the style. The people style bash because they don't know martial arts, or they think what they and, and therefore that they are. in destructible, they probably haven't experienced martial arts the way other people have. Calling an art "Fraudulent" only shows that they do not know and understand martial arts, and have very little martial knowledge as well as training.

    When Keyboard Warrior asked if there were Ninjutsu apologists, the answers he/she received told him/her what ninjutsu was, somehow he/she never listened to what was said and was accurate, that wouldn't be the first time though. I cannot force him/her to understand.

    The reason these people do not want to come out of their hole is because they are probably hiding something. I have nothing to hide. I have been doing ITF Taekwondo for 6.5 years. People may contact me and they may see my questions and answers. I have nothing to hide about my martial arts credibility. Somehow other users do, makes me wonder

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  • 8 years ago

    What a piece of work this and you are. Who left and put you in charge? You want to attack people yet ask why people here attack others... That really makes no sense. As for me you have written and been aggressive in wanting me to prove who and what I am... when I first came on Y/A I knew there would be people that think that everyone should prove something to them. That is why I don't share exactly who and what I am. you have not shown any reason why anyone should prove anything to you. you threatened to harasses me if I did not give you the information you want. Not going to happen. As I told you if you really want answers about me you should plan to come here. since that is not something you will do, I have nothing to prove to you.

    What I find interesting is you list something about being a deputy sheriff... not sure what to make of that. In my experiences I have only met a very few people in law enforcement that have the attitude you have. most are very level headed and good people. but that is not the image you give on Y/A.

    EDIT: the idea of warning anyone about studying specific styles is one of ignorance. If someone is bad at math does that mean that math should be avoided? but we all see people that are good at math and people that are bad at it. Same with thing with teachers. If you have one really bad teacher, Does that mean that the subject is bad and that you should tell everyone to stay away from that subject?


    Source(s): Martial arts training and research since 1967.
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  • Jim R
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    8 years ago

    Trying to set a brand new low on here? You are doing a pretty good job.

    And your list of experience needs a little work, It is obviously a bit less than honest.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    What exactly is your question?

    Reported for ranting.

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