I ask my war question again but, very differently?

Would you fight or flight. I would fight with all my might. I would destroy any adversary trying to challenge my life, including all around me. Azz holes and all. Would you fight. I ask this because if your not in the military. It would be tougher. Or would it. R-L-T-W

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  • 8 years ago
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    Depends entirely on the circumstance. If only my own life is being threatened, I'll determine the best course of action possible based on what options are available to me. If other lives are on the line and I'm a part of the situation, I'll do whatever I can to stop the threat and minimize damage to innocent people. This is why I spend time at the range and have trained in defensive pistol shooting tactics.

    Source(s): Experience with multiple styles, primary style is Muay Thai, moderator of The Caged Dojo.
  • 8 years ago

    In a war...taking the circumstances around here, most probably I would use these type of tactics. Ambush, hit, then move to another place then ambush and hit again and then the same, many times at 2-3 o-clock after midnight, always from a good position (rooftop, hill, or something similar).

    Being in the military:)

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    8 years ago

    Well that depends, do they have guns? I'm not going to charge with all my might only to get hit by a hail of bullets.

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