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Why is media not reporting crucial witnesses testimony in Zimmerman trial?

Media is reporting John Good's testimony for defense and on teen Ms. Jenell, but is not reporting on most other witnesses testimony who said Zimmerman was on top of Martin and had him pinned down. Wonder why?

Obviously, any average person can tell it's Martin's voice pleading for help on tape after they hear Zimmerman speak only a few words. Voice experts said so too. Why is media siding with lying Zimmerman and his questionable testimony. If you were pinned down with threat of death and feel/look of a gun which was 'out' of holster, you'd be desperate to get away and punch the hothead to do so. He may well have been forced to punch Zimmerman to get away, which he did once but was tackled again and yelled for help till the moment he was shot in the heart.


The other witnesses did say Zimmerman was on top of Martin. Zimmerman the large one since he was shorter and weighed more, and Martin tall but skinny.

Update 2:

Brett, yes media was biased toward Martin but not now, it's favoring Zimmerman now I agree. The voice tape should tell people much, it's the truth and tells how long someone was pinned down yelling for help. Zimmerman shown to be aggressor, known to be violent, etc., not Martin, Wikipedia said that injuries to Zimmerman can be from someone 'trying' to get away from someone.

Update 3:

Amanda, yes Good said he wasn't sure if saw Martin holding down or punching. Also, just saw Good say he didn't know whose voice he heard and defense asked "so you think voice was Zimmerman's and he said reluctantly 'it was my opinion'. Defense literally got Good to change testimony here! I don't think it was a fight at all, think that George tackled and held down Trayvon most of the time, threatened him with 'your going to die tonight ******profanity, either pressed gun on him or showed it to him and Trayvon managed to get on top and punch him to get away from George's hold, and ran away only to be tackled again by George. The last voice on tape is a clear still voice as being held down and then he was shot. If George was fighting he would have hit Trayvon, he is known for asaulting policeman and domestic violence. He didn't want to leave mark on Trayvon since it would ruin his defense case. I think it was premeditated murder, he was obs

Update 4:

he was obsessed with getting the black men that broke into houses and told neighbors to watch out for black men in neighborhood (Wikipedia stated this).

Update 5:

he was obsessed with getting the black men that broke into houses and told neighbors to watch out for black men in neighborhood (Wikipedia stated this).

Update 6:

Rick, getting it from testimony, voice experts, wikipedia.

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    I fully agree because I watched the entire trial. The media is a bunch of ****. You're absolutely correct, because everything you hear and see is about john good, but I believe people pick out points that are convenient to them or makes the feel a certain way. Because I watched Jonathan good's entire testimony and they did come to the conclusion that jon wasn't sure if, trayvon was punching zimmerman or holding him down. He also said he only got a 10 seconds glance. Further more, I could care less if trayvon was on top, bottom, around or through!!! It was a fight!!! A fight that zimmerman started, weather people want to believe it or not. All of that would've been avoided if he had handle himself better and do as the dispatcher said.

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    They have been, but I think it was also well documented that their stories didn't match the others and that it was inconsistent with other findings such as the autopsy report and injuries to Zimmerman. In all truthfulness, the media has been extremely biased towards Martin since Day 1. Did you notice how the headlines went from "Witness for Prosecution says Zimmerman was on top" to "Witness describes Martin-Zimmerman fight"? Because I did. Hell, even NBC admitted they doctored the 911 tapes to make it sound like Zimmerman was racially motivated.

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    Every news media outlet besides FOX has already pronounced Zimmerman to be a cold blooded racist murderer, who gunned poor wittle Trayvon down because he hated black people..From what I have seen, the media have been totally one sided against Zimmerman, sensationalizing the case for ratings, by making it about race.

  • Rick
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    8 years ago

    That sounds nothing like what I watched and heard. What source are you getting this from?

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  • Dirk
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    8 years ago

    That sounds nothing at all as the witnesses are discribing in the trial testimony.

  • Ibredd
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    8 years ago

    Link please

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