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My dad leaved me and my mother when I was 4(I'm 14 now) my mother has Bf and they wanted to marry together.I didn't see him a lot but when my mother told me that she want marry him I told her I should see him with his daughter(it happened 2 week ago)when they came to our house I saw his daughter,her name is Jennifer.she is in my school and in my class.we didn't talk together at all in school.

when we saw each other in our house with my mom and her dad we just smile together and I told her come in and she did.

after 2 and 3 days my mother and Jennifer father decided to marry in 2 month later.and me and Jennifer know each other more and I asked her: do you want to we go to school together?she told me yes but we didn't tell our parents.

we love each other now,spend our time together,kissing each other but our parents don't know that and 1 month later is their wedding and we want live together

We should tell them we love each other and all of us should live in one house but Jennifer and I don't sure do they disagree with us or not?

Can step-brother and sister love each other,live in one house and their parents be agree with them?

I know It's to early to be boyfriend and girlfriend but we love each other, we feel each other.both of us can't live with out another.

thank's for answering

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    .No reason you and Jennifer can't see each other.However you should bring your parents into your confidence.To make certain they too are aware of this situation and don't overlook the dangers involved,by leaving you both unsupervised in the family home

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