Is she Trustworthy for a girlfriend?

I have recently been in a three month relationship with my girlfriend and things are going great. However, I recently just found out from best friend that knew her that before we went out about four months ago and just were talking she did something I didn't approve of. I found out that on the day she met my mom, that night she went to this party and got really drunk and made out with this guy and got oral sex from him but that was all. But she told me she stopped him and kicked him out and she felt really bad about it. She told me she didn't tell me because she didn't want to hurt me and she knew we both would stop talking. It was in the pass but I'm still hurt by it and I'm having trust issues. Now when she goes to parties she doesn't get s*** faceted unless I'm there or she is texting me the whole time she is at the party. We talked it out and I forgave her because she didn't cheat, she only lied when she said she wasn't seeing or doing anything with anybody when we were just talking. Also she has been played by a lot of guys before me and I am a really good boyfriend to her, and she told me that she doesn't think she'll find another guy like me. She has never cheated in any of her past relationships it was always the guys fault for the relationship ending. Do you think she would cheat on me or leave me and give up a great guy just to try something new since I was the one to take her virginity? And I know I was her first for many reasons. I heard that some girls don't want to just have sex with just one guy their whole life. I really love her and I'm in it for the long run, and she tells me she is falling for me.Do you think she is that type of girl? She is a good girlfriend, she always considers me for everything and makes sure I'm not uncomfortable with anything she is doing. One last thing were both in college, and by next year we both might go to different schools.

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  • 7 years ago

    doesn't really sound trustworthy to me especially if she goes to a lot of parties. no good. & the fact that she got oral from some guy the same day she met your mom ? thats f u c ked up. and i actually wouldn't be too surprised if it was more than just "oral" ........ you know girls lie. she probably didnt want to tell you what else happened that day. probably doesn't want to hurt you or scared you'll leave her

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    7 years ago


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