If a man knocked you down, held you down threatening your life, would you hit him?

Would you hit him to get FREE and run away? Would you yell for help right up untll you were shot, likely feeling gun barrel against you? Wikipedia said if a person is trying to get away from someone's grip they might hit them to break free and run away. The "only" person claiming he was attacked for no reason and without cause, is George Zimmerman.


JOEY, hello? Zimmerman's voice determined by voice experts NOT to be the voice yelling, screaming for help! Do your homework. This is an important case in the media and justice should prevail. Don't answer if this is not of interest to you and your life!

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  • 8 years ago
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    If it's a man, I'd kick his balls.

    If it's a woman, I'd use my knuckles to bust her mouth

  • Nex
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    8 years ago

    george zimmerman's voice was the voiced matched with the screams that night not trayvon martin's. now that that was out of the way, WHY IN THE HELL ARE YOU SO WORRIED ABOUT IT? IT DOES NOT HAVE AN IMPACT IN YOUR LIFE GET OVER IT.

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