is a 1970's era honda cb 500, 550 650 750 front forks triple tree/clamp and wheel the same?

and can you use a 70s wheel on a 80s and newer forks?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Although they may be adaptable from one to the other with some work, I would say No the odds are vastly against them actually being the same! Honda rarely if ever shared parts from one model to the next, in fact just from one year to the next on the same model Honda tended to change damn near everything parts wise! The other Jap brands were much more likely to share parts But Honda seemed to go to great effort to avoid ever doing that!

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  • Dan
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    7 years ago

    The 500/550 will probably interchange, the others not.

    IF the disc brakes are the same size they can interchange. You can put a dual disc wheel on a single disc bike, but not a single disc on a dual disc bike without removing/plugging the brake.

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