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Did Henry VIII have any mistresses while he was married to Jane Seymour?

I understand Henry VIII started having mistresses while Anne Boleyn was pregnant. Did he also look to other women while Jane Seymour was pregnant?

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    There is no evidence of Henry having a mistress during his marriage to Jane .. Everything points to the fact that the King was very much in love with Jane .. She only reigned as Queen for less than eighteen months before her death . Everything also points to the fact that Henry VIII mourned Jane with a genuine sense of loss

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    The are no records of whether he did or did not have mistresses during this period, but judging by his past behaviour it is likely that he did,he tended to lose interest in a woman once she was pregnant,he probably had more than one casual sexual affair ,that is all is was,just sex,and no woman said no to henry,anne boleyn did of course for a while,but when a son was not forthcoming she lost didn't she? The spanish ambassador to england,mr chapuys stated that a day or two before henry's marriage to jane henry had seen two beautiful women at court and had sighed to chapys that he wished he had seen them before he decided to marry! Henry tended to fall in love with a woman while falling out of love with another,he was a complicated man!

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    Whether he had or not during that period we will never know but what is sure is that Jane was his favorite.

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