man with mars virgo great with venus leo in bed?

Will female leo dominate mars in bed and make feel a little insecure

will mars go out his way to please leo which will make leo proud


My venus and mars = leo

his mars virgo venus cap

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  • 7 years ago
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    Well Mars and Venus have different roles when it comes to sex.

    Sometimes its good to see what she expects from the sexual arena by examining her individual chart. You don't always have to check a synastry chart in order to know whether it will work or not.

    Venus is a more of the significant factor as to how you like your sexual environment. For instance, a Venus in Leo likes to be treated like a queen in the bedroom. A lot of Venus is done during Sexual foreplay. Mars however, is the instinctive energy of the individual; whether she can go all night, whether she has a strong desire to conquer for BOTH genders. You have Mars in Virgo so you have lots of energy, and might even be an expert (or want to be) at what you do. Virgo is the sign of expertise. It comes down to what her Mars is. If her Mars is in a passive sign, or poorly debilitated, she will most likely take a submissive role in the bedroom. Mars in Libra is the only extroverted sign that does have not a lot of passion. This is because they are a half-way, kind of indecisive sign. This does not mean they a TERRIBLE in bed. This means that they try to balance their desire with consideration and this can be useful for a man who is seeking to please his lady friend (or vice-versa) ;) So look at her Mars too. Not just yours. That will help.

    The most important factor is her aspects and house placements. That is the key to what you can expect.

    BTW REAL astrologers consider ALL factors an important part of a greater whole and leave NO information out simply because of other determining factors. If you listen to an astrologer who only gives you bits and pieces of information, you may be missing a vital part of your chart that could determine the way you do things. Signs, planets, degrees, houses, aspects all are there for a reason. They all explain the story. And without either one of them, you would never TRULY have understanding into the psyche.

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    7 years ago

    What degree of Leo is her Venus in?

    What degree of Virgo is his Mars in?

    Are these two planets within 8 degrees of each other?

    (For instance, Venus at 29 Leo would be only 3 degrees from Mars at 2 Virgo).

    IF they ARE within 8 degrees of each other, then her need to relate and love (Venus) interacts with how he feels his self-assertion (Mars).

    This is called "Venus conjunct Mars), and it is a powerful source of sexual and emotional attraction.

    But note that this chemistry is ONLY 11% of what makes a relationship last. So it could be a very good ride .. for only a little while.

    When there is a conjunction between Venus and Mars, the Venus person emotionally soothes the Mars person, and the Mars person makes the Venus person more lively.

    On the other hand, if her Venus is NOT conjunct his Mars, then they do not connect at all on that level.

    It is the aspects between planets that create interaction between two people. The square and opposition aspects, between ANY of her 10 planets and ANY of his 10 planets, creates conflict. The sextile and trine aspects, create harmony. And the conjunction creates either conflict or harmony, depending on the nature of the two planets involved in the aspect.

    In order for a relationship to become a significant relationship and to last, one person must have their Ascendant or Descendant conjunct the other person's Sun or Moon or Venus or Mars. Otherwise, the relationship will fizzle out (or explode) within 2 years.

    However, if all one wants is a not one-night or one-week stand, any aspect between one person's Venus and the other person's Mars will serve the purpose.

    Note that there are many OTHER types of aspects that create attraction and/or sexual attraction.

    But that the greater the attraction is at the beginning, the worse the problems will be once the honeymoon period has died out.

    No serious astrologer does astrological comparisons using the signs. Because that approach doesn't work. We work one-on-one with our clients, and they tell us is what we are doing is full of BS .. signs don't work. Only the aspects give accurate information that works in real life.

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  • ???
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    7 years ago

    Mars in Virgo will be too critical for the god/goddess that is Leo.

    Leo needs to be adored virgo needs to criticise.

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