Is a brake fluid flush necessary?

Midas always tries to sell me this service based on the color of the fluid for my 2006 Explorer. However the maintenance schedule in the owners manual does not call for it. It's $89. Is it necessary and/or worth it? The pads are fine and there are no brake problems.

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  • 8 years ago
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    STEVE! YES YES YES i IS! The reason is VEY SIMP)LE! brak fluid IS MADE FORM A CHEMICAL (esters) THAT ABSORB WAER FROM THE air! aFTER SO MANY MONTHS OF USE, I TUNS dark brown and thn turns into GOO< sludge and CORROSION as it's viscosit an pH change! it gets ACIDIC and then eats holes in aluminum parts, like the CLUTCH master and slave, the MASTER CYLINDER, the CALIPERS can freeze up, and WHEEL CYLINDERS will begin to LEAK! ALSO ABS pumps can develop internal SEAL LEAKS! The BRAKE FLUID will turn WATERY< and then the BRAKE LINES and HOSES will rot from the inside out! This is true for ALL CARS! BRAK FLUID is good for about 3-4 years of use , AND THN IT GETS TOXIC! POWER BLEEDING is required so that SLUDGE trapped in corners will get FORCED out of the system! DO NOT USE MIDAS, though, unless they are using GENUINE FORD BRAKE FLUID ONLY! I have learned that the mixing of TWO different kinds of BRAKE FLUID can ALSO cause corrosion within the system! You are BES OF calloing a few FORD dealers and asking about BRAKE FLUID CHANGE SPECIALS! They ALl run thm eventually! POWER STEERING also requries FLUSHIGN and FILLING with time! It is JUST th way it IS! On REAL OLD CARS< thy planned on you trading them in every 3-4 years, so NOBODY CARED about cahnging th BRAK FLUID or even th TRANS FLUID! on many EUROPEAN CARS th TORQUE ONVERTERS hav DRAIN PLUGS, something ou DOMESTIC car makers do no do ANYMORE 9They did once YEARS ago) our DOMESTIC car makers ALSO do not give you a FULE PUMP acess port (except the BUICK ULTRA PARK AVENUE that I know of) So you must DROP THE FUEL TANK to replce a FUEL PUMP! <<<YOU WILL GET brake trouble, if you do NOT change the BRAKE FLUID! Cars with CLUTCHES that are HYDRAULIC will also need this fluid changed! Once the WATER has diluted the brake fluid, it is NOT GOOD ANY MORE and loses it's BOILING Point potection! GOOD LUCK!!

  • J J
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    8 years ago

    Of coarse they want to sell you something. That is what they do to make money. Why don't you be the judge of the color of the fluid and not let a kid do it for you. The fluid can become contaminated with rubber particles and brake fluid absorbs water like crazy but it is not likely if the caps are on. The brake fluid will still work light or dark, it is just how dark can you stand.

  • 8 years ago

    Brake fluid breaks down after time like any other fluid. Changing it will just help keep your braking system working to its full potential. That being said, a bleed is not hard to do and you and a friend can probably do it with no special tools. Just remember to keep air out of the system. But yes brake fluid does have a "life expectancy"

  • 8 years ago

    Judging the condition of brake fluid by its color is NOT accepted practice. There is only one test that works and that's a brake fluid test strip. It measures the amount of dissolved copper in the system.

    Most car makers DON'T recommend brake fluid flushes.

    Personally, I wouldn't trust Midas to put air in my tires, let alone do a brake job.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I've never heard of it before. The fluid never comes in contact with anything that could ruin it and I don't think it degrades. Sounds like bs.

    I mean, like when you have brake service, at which point the bleeders are opened, that's the only time the fluid comes in contact with air and or moisture. Or say the boots leak. But it's just normal then to add more fluid and then pump the air out. From there the system is sealed tight.

  • 8 years ago

    not to me it,s not ! i been driving since back in the 1960s and had lots of cars and trucks and i have never flushed out the brake fluid and i never had any trouble with the braking system !

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