Where can I read about Grigori Perelman?

I love reading about great men. I learn a lot from them and it gives me more motivation to keep learning physics and mathematics.

I have read a lot about Richard Feynman and listened to some recordings.I really like him as he is a very wise man.

I would like to know more about Grigori Perelman as he seems like a man with great values and morals, The fact that he refused the 1 million dollar prize which he won for his great achievements in the field of Riemannian geometry and geometric topology shows how much of a great man he is, at least according to my standards.

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  • John
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    7 years ago
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    You could try your local library, but how much help that would be depends a lot on where you live, so I would say the obvious thing to do would be to Google him.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    you at the instant are not likely to discover everybody on Yahoo solutions which would recognize him in my opinion. Documentaries that I even have seen point out that Perelman became a recluse with a extraordinary ideas, this reclusive physique of ideas stored him remote from the spotlight and finally extra approximately him rejecting the enormous volume of money.

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