What kind of boots are these?

What kind of boots are these - http://toothtree.tumblr.com/post/43401328983

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    Tecnically, any boot is a walking boot though the term is more commonly to describe a hospital boot put on the foot so you can still walk without further damage to your foot.

    Hiking boots have laces and are often made from suede or nubuck. Military boots are also called combat boots and are basically a leather version of hiking boots with a longer shaft.

    Motorcycle boots (commonly referred to as biker boots) are often outfitted with buckles, are commonly leather, and generally have a zipper on the side.

    The boots in the picture are motorcycle boots. It looks like they are a rather plain (for motorcycle boots) pair with a spiked chain thrown over them for the purposes of the photo shoot.

    Apparently, motorcycle boots are trending right now because you can find them anywhere ranging from more classic styles to styles with studs and extra buckles. You can even find motorcycle booties and Mary Janes outfitted with wide buckles and extra straps.

    Two stores where I have seen motorcycle boots come to mind: www.macys.com and www.urbanog.com

    This type of boot is commonly made in leather though faux leather style can also be found. Though, if you actually find yourself on a motorcycle, faux leather is largely impractical.

    Be aware that slight variations (such as combat boots with laces and buckles) do exist. I have described construction classic to each style.

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    They're commonly referred to as military boots hun :)

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    I would say biker boots?

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    Walking boots duh

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