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Is being a vegetarian bad for my health? should i become one?

im 13 and im thinking about becoming a vegetarian... i just scared that im gonna give up but i really dont want to...i want to either do it properly or not at all...anyway i just wanna know about what i can an cant eat..i dont wanna be a vegan so i can still eat dairy because im mostly doing this for animals..i also wanna know about health and yeah if anyone can help me out that'd be great xox :)

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  • Louis
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    No, its good for your health (if done correctly). You should become one.

    Go online and search for a free vegetarian starter kit. There are a lot. I know that PETA makes a good one. That will give you a little bit of reading to start off with.

    Oh, and you should read this

    Personally I think its best physically and mentally to do it gradual. First week, stop buying milk and buy some soy milk, instead. You'll need to try a few brands and kinds till you find the one you like best. Week 2 – 5: stop buying red meat, then pork, then chicken, then fish. The next step is to start avoiding dairy, like cheese and yogurt. This step is a little tough because they put milk and eggs in all kinds of baked goods. So you may need to do this step in steps too.

    A lot of vegetarians eat milk and eggs but try to avoid them as much as possible. Milk and eggs are still animal products and are not only bad for your health, but their industries are just as cruel and bad for the environment, too.

    Sometime during the first month you should visit the library and take out some books about being vegetarian. You should get some cookbooks, too, especially, if you like to bake.

    If you like podcasts check out the Compassionate Cooks site and podcasts, they are really great to listen to in the car or while working out.

    If you like movies you can watch "Forks over Knives" and "Earthlings" for free online.

    Oh, and at some point you should learn about tofu. It’s a pretty important component to a vegetarian diet.

    You can make this as easy or as hard as you wish. But really, step-by-step and its pretty easy.

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    First thing you can do is find out the website for your local vegetarian society. I'm in Britain, so I'll give you the British one to start off with:

    It's the oldest one in the world, so a pretty good place to start. You'll find info on what to eat, nutrition, health benefits, recipes, possible meet-ups etc. You should also try your local library for books - I found Linda McCarntey's cookery books to be invaluable when I started. They're a bit dated now, but still useful.

    Good luck.

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    Watch out for things gelatin can be hidden in sweets and cakes. Some cheeses have rennet which is taken from the inside if a cows stomach, so check that the cheese you buy is vegetarian. Other than that just eat lots of fruits, vegetables, beans, peas, lentils, grains, etc.

    Vegetarian foods

    Here's a good guide on nutrition

    Other useful links

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  • Ducky
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    As long as you get in your protein and iron than your health should be fine. As a vegetarian the only thing you cannot eat is meat however some vegetarians don't eat gelatin(jello, marshmallow, gelatin candies like gummy bears) as they contain bone marrow from animals.

    To get in your protein eat more nuts, peanut butter, eggs, etc. You can also get protein from beans, whole wheat grains, and tofu.

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    I gave up meat at around your age because I love and respect animals.It wasn't hard,i just used to have everything else on the plate except for the meat.The only person that found it hard was my mum as she was finding it hard to feed me but respected my wishes.There are all sorts of alternate foods that are nice.Im not a lentil loving tofu kinda veg but I manage just fine.You will pick up tips as you go and before you know it you will be whipping up great food! Meat eating friends come to my place and love my cooking.Just make sure you do a little homework to make sure your body is getting what it needs and you will be fine.

    Good Luck.You Go Girl!

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    Vicky, the human body is designed to eat lots of fruits &vegs ... There are other types of "milk products " to use besides animal milk. soy, rice milk, for example ..Keep in mind. a lot of vegan foods are expensive. tofu to me is nasty and a veggie burger is just not the same as a good ole grilled cheeseburger or hamburger. .. instead of going all the way vegan right off, try eating more vegs and less meat. U are very young to be worried about. this, it shows u have a good heart... In other words gradually back away from meats.... and remember. U can do anything u want if u put your mind to it.... please let us know how you are doing ...... Also u may need to check with your doctor before u do this ... let him help guide u....

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    I've been a vegetarian for a while now and I just got my blood tested and I'm fine. If your parents are worried about your health then you could get your blood tested regularly. Just watch out for gelatine. That sick bastard enjoys hiding in some of our favourite dishes.

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  • gray
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    Fruits have seeds; "vegetable" is a non-scientific word for expanded edibles

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    No, it is not harmful for your health. Good meat tastes good, but if you're convinced that it does not and that it's wrong to eat animals (but not wrong to destroy and eat plant-life), then go ahead and become a vegetarian if you want.

    Read this for information on how to become a vegetarian:

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