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kari t asked in PetsCats · 7 years ago

Neurotic cat driving me insane!?

I just lived with it when the cat started peeing in my chair. I got a lether sofa. Non absorbant. He peed on my bed, i bouch a plastic cover and stripped it bare daily. I eventually just shut my bedroom door and kept him out. He has hissed in terror at my other cat for 6 frigging months. I neutered the other cat so he would feel less inclined to smack down crazy cat. And spike their food with calm down herbals. He starts scratching up the carpet, i get him a decent scratching post of his prefeerred kind. He sratches up carpet fibers and, poops, and buries the poop in carpet fiber. Tonight, i clean the kitchen and the litter, he poops on the carpet and doest bury it.

There are 3 litter boxes, 2 cats.

His preferred box hasnt moved

Neither litter, nor food has changed

My cats were raised together. In 6.5 yrs, they were cuddling and making out constantly. Then, kaboom!

No kaboom in days since neutering his brother.

Also,"i confess leaping from tbe shower and chasing him with a broom was....unproductive.

Please help. Ive had it. I used to work with bipolar and schizo people, but even i need marginally more sanity than this

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  • 7 years ago

    Have both cats had physical checks with the vet recently? One may be ill in some way and the other could be picking up on that. I've had that happen when one of mine had a bladder problem: the others didn't like the smell of her urine in the cat boxes and did some of the same stuff. Harassed her and chased her and pooped outside the box until problem was taken care of. And, sometimes it's hard to tell if cat has this problem or not without vet testing.

  • J C
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    7 years ago

    Cats are neither bipolar nor schizo, they just view the world differently than we do. Is he neutered as well? If not, that is step 1. Unneutered cats mark territory - they can do this with scratching, peeing, pooping - and fighting. Make a vet appointment for him tomorrow if he is not neutered. If he *is* neutered, then still make an appointment - cats who pee out of the box often have a urinary tract infection or even crystals in their urine. Stress can bring that on. It's easily diagnosed and treated by the vet.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Its time for that cat to go.

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