Don't you hate it when people delete their questions before you have a chance to answer?

This was the question...

What proof and evidence is there that proves atheism is accurate and correct?

I was watching the atheist experience show and they evaded the question on live t.v. How would you answer it?

This was my answer...

They didn't evade the question, you just didn't like their answer. Their answer, correctly, is that atheism doesn't require proof. It is those who believe in God who are making the positive claim, and therefore it is they who must present proof.


Me - "I want to buy your house, will you take a check?"

You - "Sure, but I will need to see your bank statement prove you have the money"

Me - "Why should I have to prove I have the money, isn't it enough that I write you a check?"

You - "No, how can I be sure you have the money?"

Me - "You cannot DISPROVE I have the money, thus, you must accept that I have the money."

This argument is exactly the argument you are making. "You cannot DISPROVE God, thus you must believe in him." No... Just as in the example, I am not going to believe until I have proof it exists.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Its getting deleted because he is spamming it all over the website. Plus, it is a bald faced lie. I am almost certain "gamer" is the shockofgod he is referring to.

    Matt did answer the question. Hell, someone who is one week into a Logic 101 course could answer it.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I'm pretty sure that the guy who wrote that question is just trolling, as evidenced by his follow up question about why atheists don't attack Satan.

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