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Our Labrador killed our 9yr old Foxie and bit our other Dog help!!!?

Our Labrador that is 11 Months old killed our much loving 9 year old fox terrier by ripping it apart by the neck and we couldn't get them off each other, the Labrador also bit our 8 year old pekines in her neck yesterday and she survived and is staying in the house now...The lab has all her vaccinations and gets her attention by playing with her friend dog a cross breed small puppy by playing biting and running after each other and rolling over each other,but biting our foxie and pekanese why on earth would a dog start doing this? Our whole family is frighten by what happened last night, we are scared to take our lab to the vet that they will put her out...All our dogs are female...we have a son of 4 yrs old i would like to know if the Labrador started being so dominant do you think its safe for my son to be around her or is it just that she got jealous of the other dogs?But why kill a dog she grown up with?

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  • 6 years ago

    This may sound cold, but I would have the dog put down immediately. Here are my major concerns. First off, dog aggression which rises to the level of killing another dog is a very serious problem. Most dogs will scrap but stop when the other backs down, but your dog kept going till the end. Second off, I would be very concerned that your dog killed another dog that it has known from a young age. Only the most severely aggressive dogs show that level of aggression to a dog they have been raised with. By far my greatest concern is your dogs young age. Severe aggression usually doesn't develop until a dog is between 18 months and three years. Dogs which become aggressive younger than that usually have very, very severe aggression problems. I love both of my dogs dearly, but I would put either down if they displayed the level of aggression that your Lab did.

    Here are your two biggest problems.

    1. You will always have to keep your Lab away from the Peke, and I mean always. Even then, one open gate and you have a dead Peke. Can you permanently separate the two dogs?

    2. You will have to put ALOT, and I mean ALOT of work into the Lab. You will have to dedicate hours and hours of training, and be constantly vigilant for the rest of the dog's life. Are you capable of putting in the time and effort? Are you willing to?

    You CANNOT rehome your dog. It would be extremely, extremely irresponsible. You would be putting every other dog which the Lab comes into contact with at risk, and possibly opening yourself up to major lawsuits.

    As for your son and the dog, there really isn't much correlation between human aggression and dog aggression, but in these circumstances I would be very concerned due to the combination of the age/size of your son and the extreme aggression your Lab has displayed.. I probably would not trust the dog with a child that young, ever.

    On a final note, Why are you letting your dog continue to play with the neighbor's puppy? Your dog should be permanently sequestered from other dogs at this point.

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  • Jojo
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    7 years ago

    The Labrador is now coming up to the age where she will exploit her dominance if she can and if the fox terrier female challenged her physically she has obviously retaliated to harshly.

    Females can fight to the death very often. Its all a matter of incompatible temperaments within the female dog pack and fights for hierarchy.

    This does not necessarily mean the dog will be aggressive to humans, but the dog is obviously of a dominant nature and she must not be allowed to be so with any members of the human family.

    I would not keep this dog with any other female dog.

    Do you train this dog? you say she gets her attention by playing with a cross breed puppy.

    She should be getting her fun and entertainment mostly from you, not other dogs.

    She needs to know her place in the hierarchy and training from you can help establish this.

    She needs to be exercised by taking her out walking. not by just playing with another dog.

    If you have doubts about this dog it may be for the best to take her to a no kill rescue centre where she will be found a home with someone and as the only dog.

    Why would you want to take her to the vet? Its a psychological problem and not a medical one.

    Add@ Caine7.....Don`t be so daft. Dogs certainly know the difference between a human and a canine.

    Dog to dog aggression is completely different from dog to human aggression.

    Source(s): Dog owner for 50 years.
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  • JenVT
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    7 years ago

    Your lab has hit maturity and now believes she is the alpha female, which is when the trouble starts. The vet will not put your dog down without your say-so in an event like this- it's fairly common behavior. If your lab isn't spayed, then have that done right off. It won't stop the aggressive behavior, but a dog like that should never be mated. Then, consider re-homing her to someone without any other pets. Be sure they understand that she must remain the only dog in their household and be clear about what happened. Dog to dog aggression does not usually become dog to human aggression so there is no need for your family to be afraid of her. The overall temperament of the lab breed is on the decline because they are a favorite of backyard breeders who don't care about quality. If you don't want to rehome her then you must keep her separated from your other dog at all times.

    Source(s): been there, done that.
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  • 7 years ago

    Does your lab puppy get any human attention, are all of the female dogs spayed? Since labs are Gun dogs, they have a higher prey drive than some other breeds, I would never leave your 4 year old unattended with the dog. It sounds from your question like this aggressive behavior is a new thing, or has the puppy always had some amount of aggressiveness to her character?

    I am thinking that your Lab is not getting enough exercise from you and you are not acting like this dog's master (alpha, pack leader).

    Does your dog really get most of her attention from playing with another puppy? She needs your leadership and attention if you are going to keep her. She can not be allowed to be aggressive towards anything or anyone.

    I hope this does not sound harsh, I am not meaning it too, but the cold hard truth is I think you should stick to smaller, non gun type dogs. You are not providing the exercise, human guidance and training this 11 month old puppy needs to have a happy life.

    I think you should take this dog to the vet's and tell them what happened that way they can rule out any medical issues that might exist, but I do believe this dog is being aggressive because she thinks she is the pack leader and not you.

    For the sake of your child's health, you should probably give this puppy to a rescue and let them find it a suitable home, where it can be inside, part of the family, get it's needed exercise and training.

    I have a Golden Retriever/Lab mix, that is almost 4 years old, that has a high prey drive for small animals (rabbits and squirrels), while she loves the cats that live in our home, she does not like the cat that roams the neighborhood, that said my dog is well attended while outside, she is never left alone while out there, has been trained to be gentle and kind to family and friends, at the same time she is also a good watch dog. She alerts when strangers come to the door. She is sweet and loving, but she has been trained, gets lots of exercise (2-3 miles of walking a day) plus mental games and swimming and playing fetch. What I am trying to say by this description of my dog is your lab is not acting like a labrador should, it is going against breed standard.

    I am very clear and consistent with her and she knows who is in charge and that is me and not her. Your dog's behavior is not common in the breed.

    So please give this dog to a rescue, not to another uneducated person without much training knowledge base to work from. This puppy is going to require extensive retraining and behavior modification to ever be adoptable.

    I hope this helps and good luck!

    Source(s): Owner of a Golden Retriever/Lab mix
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  • Sara
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    7 years ago

    Your Lab is young and young dogs sometimes don't know when to stop. This is why smaller dogs should never be left alone with larger dogs, even ones they've known their entire lives.

    Your Lab needs more than a playmate. She needs serious training and a better outlet for her energy. Labs are incredibly high energy dogs and without enough mental and physical stimulation, they can become aggressive. It doesn't necessarily mean she'll always be a danger, but she needs serious work. If you're not able or willing to put forth the effort to provide the outlet this breed needs, she either needs to be rehomed to someone who knows how to handle dogs with that energy level or she needs to be turned over to a rescue.

    Until you have her professionally trained and find an outlet for that energy, she could potentially be a danger.

    Since you mentioned the other dog she bit is now living indoors, it sounds like you had all three dogs outside unattended and that is always a recipe for disaster.

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  • 7 years ago

    There is too much behind this for me to really help because you haven't really put anything about how this dog lives and how much training you give, but in my opinion.... this quote says a lot.....................

    "gets her attention by playing with her friend dog a cross breed small puppy by playing biting and running after each other and rolling over each other"

    I would take this as you not seeing that aggression building from play to spilling over, and have allowed it to develop without realising it.

    Dog to dog aggression is not the same as aggression to humans but then we don't know the dog and if you are just leaving her outside to raise herself then she could be a problem. See a behaviorist. A vet wouldn't require you to put a dog to sleep because it killed another. But then a vet isn't the right person to go and see anyway. You need a behaviorist.

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  • 7 years ago

    So you have a dog aggressive dog..............and you want to kill it why?

    Dogs dont' get jealous, they are incapable of that emotion. The smaller dogs likely tormented the larger one and it did what dogs do, kill another animal. The dog needs to be spayed if it hasn't already and needs to be trained

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  • 7 years ago

    It's very unusual for labs to be aggressive especially so young I would be very concerned as he gets older he may get even more aggressive and turn against children I would keep your dog muzzled at all times and get him checked out with a vet maybe something wrong with his brain.

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  • 7 years ago


    I was shocked to read your post, I love my wee wirefox terriers, they are fantastic dogs, I have two of them...I would talk to your vet about it as they will no more about the dogs behaviour patterns but you know what they are going to say already thats why you are avoiding it. Personally I would put the lab down, it has shown overly aggressive tendancies, what if it did this to someone else dog or even worse a child, your child...Don't live to regret what you haven't done, its better to regret something you have.. How can you keep a dog that kills a wee foxie that was 9 yrs old...REMEMBER A DOG THINKS WE ARE ALL IN A PACK AND WE ARE ALL DOGS, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED..

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  • 7 years ago

    You have two alternatives. Hire a dog behaviorist if you really want to keep this dog, and have him euthanized if you don't. If you choose the first course, have him neutered immediately; severe dog-on-dog aggression is atypical for Labrador Retrievers and he should never be allowed to pass his defective genes on.

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