Can you name good things about government shutting down?

One is they won't import more immigrants when government is shut down, which is a very good thing. Here in L.A. it is jam packed with people via immigrants, illegal and legal. It sure hurts Americans getting jobs! As well as the quality of life.

P.S. Fox News had a "studio audience" where one black woman spoke on how illegal immigration hurts us, and four white people jumped on her with how they do work we won't and all the government fake phrases. It was clearly 'set up' to sell to the public to brainwash. Just to tell you all not to listen to TV news regarding politics aka "globalism".

If you will all vote for the libertarian or republican who is clearly more libertarian, in other words "whoever" the TV media is NOT promoting is the ONE to vote for!!!


Gautum, Yes that's one more of the untruths they keep telling us, most were born here making us natives.

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  • Rance
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    7 years ago
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    yes i can

  • 7 years ago

    But everyone in US is an immigrant right from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama.

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