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Do you think that Dustin Hoffman has deep eyes?

This is his chart. All Virgo Moon people have very deep eyes, but I can't really see Dustin Hoffman.

Do you like Dustin Hoffman?


You don't get what I mean. Look up Virgo Moon people and see what their eyes are like. I know all my friends with Virgo Moon, have those eyes too. It's like their whole emotions are hidden in there and you actually get lost in their eyes when you look at them. I find a lot of kindness in Virgo Moon people, and I am not talking about myself, but my friends. (I have Virgo moon friends of all Sun signs, minus Scorpio and Aries Sun).

I honestly do not think it is the same as Scorpio Moon, my brother is also a Scorpio Moon Taurus, Scorpio moons look smart, but I reckon Virgo Moons for some reason all the time!!!

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    Dustin Hoffman (The actor) is a Leo. His sun is August 8th. All people born from Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio, have some kind of deviation from the norm relating to their physical appearence... For example, Scorpio have what is known as "serpent's eyes." You'd notice a lot of Scorpios like Gerald Butler, have some kind of physical deviation in the eyes. Again, physically it's not the same. Their eyes look normal, with their intense, soul-piercing stare, it's like the human equivalent to what you see in snakes, cats, Medusa, Krakens, Dragons, Hydras, basilisk, Eagles. Something in their eyes allows them to see things deeper, have a greater understanding of things just by visual observation, break down and decode information just by staring at some one. It's like they have a magnifying glass that see your every detail. What makes you tick, what is the source of your power...

    I don't agree that he has deep eyes. To imply that they are deep, could mean that you can stare into them, and get lost in your own imagination, or fall in love with them. Another train of thought could be, to look into his eyes, and you'd see a man filled with vast knowledge.

    Leo have a tendency to have a low glow or aura. It's more noticeable in some than others. You can see it more on Charlize Theron. It's like a low level light. The light is being emitted around the edges of her body. Well, my own serpent's eyes are only half and half... Dustin Hoffman seems to have one too... That low level glow...

    Written by a Taurus Scorpio...

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