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Why are you asked to take off shoes during an airplane crash?

I was watching an airplane crash investigation show where the plane was going down & the cabin crew were telling passengers to take their shoes off. Why? Wouldn't you want to have your shoes on to step through any debris, etc?


Also wouldn't loose shoes in the cabin pose a threat as a projectile?

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    mostly its in case you have to use the emergency slide/chutes

    shoes can easily damage the slide

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    Some shoes such as those with high heels can puncture the inflatable slide. Wearing shoes such as sneakers are usually better.

    Also before the Singapore Airlines crash in Taiwan, the flight attendants used to wear the slipper-shoes they switch to during mid-flight. When the flight crashed, some of the flight attendants lost their shoes and sustained injuries to their feet from debris. That is why on Singapore Airline flights, the flight attendants now have these sling-back shoes that cover the toes and later on will switch to the slipper-type shoes. Then upon landing, they will switch back to the shoes which cover their toes.

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    Cabin Crew Shoes

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    It's not only heels that may damage the chutes, but rubber soles prevent you from sliding as quickly. When you leap from the door and land on the chute, if you don't happen to hit butt first, but feet first, then you may fall forward and hit the ground face first. If you're in your socks and hit feet first, then your feet will slip out from under you and you'll land on your butt anyway. Of course, this comes at the risk of stepping on debris, fire and fuel. Personally, I'd rather have my shoes.

    Source(s): Source: Dated a flight attendant in 2007.
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    Michael, if your in an emergency situation and need to get out, they cabin crew engages the shuts, with shoes and heels these can damage the shuts.

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    For water landing you need to be ready to swim. For all other landing you leave your shoes on.

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    I would leave them on. You can always kick them off.

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    Maybe it's in case you have to swim.

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