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Why do the liberals blame the white people for slavery?

They seem to totally ignore the fact that it was WHITE PEOPLE who fought and died to end slavery!

My own great great grandfather fought in the Pennsylvania militia.

Who knows, without him, the North might have lost the war and they would still be slaves.

I have never had a black person kiss my toe and thank me because may great great grandfather fought to free them.

Nor do I think they should.

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    My Paternal Gr-G- Grandfather, Augustus Rumfort Deal,also fought in the Pa. militia during the civil war, he volunteered,he was NOT drafted, he saw action in Antietam and Chancellorsville, His g-g- grandfather and uncles ( Francis, Peter, Samuel, John,and Daniel Deal ) all signed the" Oath Of Allegiance To The State Of Pa".and fought in the Revolution ( they were from Philly ) My family came to this country in 1658 and none of them ever owned a single slave, , and like you, I have never heard thank you from a black person,not one black person has ever offered to repay my family for their sacrifice

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    Those who have turned it all into white privilege want it to be about race rather than right vs wrong. Some states never permitted slavery in the first place. When the notion of racism is gone, the Democrats will lose a significant portion of their base.

    Actually a lot of black men fought with the Yanks and died in the Civil War as well. They really should include that in the history lessons. Nar the end of the war, some also fought for the Rebs but for most of the war, they would not arm the slaves fearing they would turn on them. I believe the Jim Crow separate but equal laws were partly due to fear of retribution. Also the some of the wealthy may have inadvertently blamed the freed slaves for the loss of the southern culture that was so romanticized but never from the point of view of the slaves.

    White people are more blamed for Jim Crow. Virtually all states had laws against intermarriage and had segregated schools. About 1400 white people were lynched for their efforts to help blacks while over 4000 blacks were lynched since 1890. There is no doubt racism was a huge problem but not all whites engaged in racism or discrimination.

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    Only people blaming whites for slavery are blacks and a certain number of whites in either party who think white guilt is being PC.Believe it or not but only a certain very small number of whites owned slaves and those were living in the south for the most part and another fact most ignore is blacks sold blacks in Africa to slavers and slavery is still big business in Africa.

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    To deflect blame from the true culprit. Same reason Hollywood always blames whites for the african slave trade.

    The truth is, the African slave trade was started by the Arabs 600 years before the Sephardic Jews of Portugal became the first Europeans involved in it.

    From beginning to end the transatlantic slave trade was dominated by Sephardic Jews.

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    They don't. Your assertion is absurd, as well as irrational and illogical. You are also forgetting that people of other race and other countries were involved in America's Civil War.

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    the liberals have to blame someone and it can't be their own forefathers -- so it's non-liberal whites.

    this despite evidence that slavery on Earth has been all but wiped out by the action of Western European civilization and that, prior to that, all societies had at least one period in which slavery was practiced and thought normal.

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    They don't realize that slavery was about money, not race. Whites were slaves here too. And not rinky-dink little tea servers. I mean full fledged SLAVES! Blacks owned slaves here too.

    Why the hell shouldn't a black person kiss your toe for that? They think you should kiss theirs just for being white!

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    Are you wondering how to downoad for free Black

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    You say "white people". But it's really "white men". You do not see blacks mad at white women very often-even thought they are descendents of the same people. More often than not, they are forgiven because they can bring sexual pleasure if not offended.

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    Well, People love to generalize, I believe it would have ended anyway, But not as soon

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