Where i can find dark room meditation retreat in india ?

I live in Chennai,India. I would like to attend dark room retreat for duration of 3 months to 1 year. I got little information about Tibetan monasteries in Bylakuppe,Karnataka,India but I am unable to find any dark room retreats for such duration.

I got that there are three kinds of retreats available in Tibetan Buddhism ... They are white retreats, yellow retreats, and black retreats while white retreat is normal and black retreat is in 24x7 darkness..

I would like to attend black retreat.. Please tell me where i can find such retreats in india and share your experience if you have any of such... Thank you....


Is There any similar kind of dark retreat in other religions / even non religious dark room meditation retreat in india ?

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  • stbb
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    6 years ago
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    To begin with you must have completed the white retreat to the satisfactorily of your Lama, and then may be you can talk about the dark retreat.

    I have had white retreats for many years. The fact is that I have only heard of dark retreat and not the yellow retreat; main thing is you must qualify to go to black retreat.

    How do you know you qualify, you must be able to see in the dark. I was able to walk around in complete dark room in NYC in middle of night with no light coming from windows because of the vinyl curtains, and can still pick up small items like a small American penny on the floor if I drop them. But there are still flicker of light here and there.

    The true dark retreat complete block off all light, so you really need to have your eyes able to see in the dark before you can qualified. How can you do that, you must generate light from your mind, so if anyone looked at you in the dark, you eyes would have golden light shone out of your pupils.

    If you can't do that, forget about it, no one will receive you.

    Source(s): Vajrayana Buddhism Yogi
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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    You need to find a teacher of Tibetan Buddhism and become their student. Spend about 5 years taking teachings before you decide if they are a true teacher.

    You should discuss if you are ready to take a retreat with your teacher.

    Tibetan Buddhism says that you should NOT practice it unless you have guidance from a skilled and experienced teacher. The Tibetans say it can make you "crazy" to practice on your own.

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  • 4 years ago

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    6 years ago

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