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Why do you think of Chloë grace Moretz?

What do people think of teen actress Chloë Grace Moretz? She's 17 years old and is in lots of movies like Carrie (2013) kick ass one and two (2010 & 2013) the amityville horror (2005) Let me In (2010) and many more.

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    I love Chloe Grace Mortez! She is one of my favorite actresses! I adore the fact that she's only 17 yet is such a brilliant actress. I still remember when she was only 14 years old, and now she's already 17 - she's getting so old! She's gorgeous, has a great sense of fashion, and is a very kind and sweet girl. She's very mature for being out in the public and having the spotlight on her constantly. But most importantly, she can truly act. She's done lots of mature and dark films, which I admire because she handles herself very well in those movies. I LOVED her in "Hugo" - this was the movie where I fell in love with her and Asa Butterfield who plays Hugo, and I started shipping them. ;) I loved how she played this bubbly British girl, and she did such an amazing job I honestly fell in love with her character. I think Chloe is one of those rare child actresses who is golden and I really hope she doesn't let the fame get to her because she's such a superb role model.

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    She was fantastic in Hugo and Let Me In.

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    Good actress and really hot.

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    She's a good child actor. Wasn't she in diary of a wimpy kid too?

    That's all I'll ever see her as :P

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