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Why where Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers chosen for the talk show hosts?

I think their kinda funny and their not bad, but wouldn't it had been better to get good stand up comedians for the talk shows instead, like they got Jay Leno, he was a great stand up back in the day, i mean Jimmy Fallon did stand up but he wasn't good at it, he made his name doing sketches on SNL. I saw Louis CK do it on his tv show, and he was great, it made complete sense.

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    I think its because they are both from SNL. Conan who gave his show to Jimmy, then went to the Tonight shows and moved to tbs was from SNL. Conan hand picked Jimmy Fallon to take over his show. I think its because Jimmy was also from SNL and Knew Seth he probably had some pul to bring him on.

    To be honest, I don't think Jimmy Fallon is that funny. He was cute and funny back on his snl days. He's great on skits but Jimmy is kind of boring. He was this super energetic guy in his 20s but now he looks like an English frog.

    Seth Meyers is Hilarious, he's the only reason why I stayed and watched snl after it got bad. So I'm excited for Seth.

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    because Jimmy Fallon is hilarious, yes his sketches are what made him and those sketches that he still does are what made Late Night such a hit, and also the Tonight Show. No one else comes up with the great stuff Jimmy does

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    Because they are hilarious!! No one is funnier than Jimmy Fallon - except maybe Craig Ferguson - and Jimmy is multi-talented and does such fun stiff on his show. Love him!

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    they have proven track record with the much sought after 18-34 year viewers

    Most advertiser want the Younger viewers- not those over 45

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