Italian Police certificates from Australia?

Hello Everyone,

I am looking to get a police clearance from Italy as I have spent some months there earlier in my life and need it now for Australian visa reasons.

I would like to ask anyone how to acquire police clearance from Italy? Please help me how to acquire this?



Thank you Ozmaniac and John,

I have already read more and more times the Australian immigration instructions, i am not sure if i need the Italian Police certificates. I lived there only for 7 months.

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    Source(s): Criminal Record Search Database -
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    Police Certificates

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    You can find information from Australian department of immigration

    Go to:

    or contact this agency in Australia:

    AZ Translations - Services - consultancies and Intermediation - Police Certificates from italy

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    Try writing to the police department in the city you lived in. Give them identifying information, and the dates. There may be a fee.

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    Are you sure you need one? PCCs are only needed for countries in which you have spent 12 months or more within the last 10 years (after the age of 16) and you've told us you spent 'some months' there which implies that it may have been for less than a year.

    If you really do need one, this is how you get a PCC from Italy:

    Street Address:

    Procura della Repubblica, Casellario Giudiziale

    Piazzale Clodio 1

    00100 Roma (RM)


    Relevant documents:

    (1) ‘General Penal Certificate’ (Certificato Generale del Casellario Giudiziale), and

    (2) ‘Solicitor General’s Certificate of Pending Charges’ (Certificato dei Carichi Pendenti della Procura).

    Residents of Italy (citizens and non-citizens):

    For both certificates apply to Criminal records office (Procura della Repubblica) in your place of residence, or in the Rome Central Office of the Casellario giudiziale. The certificates can be obtained in person, or through an authorised person (relative, friend, or service agency in Italy).

    Non-residents (citizens or non-citizens):

    For both certificates, you can apply to the Criminal records office in Rome (Procura della Repubblica presso il Tribunale di Roma) at the address above. You can also apply through an authorised person (relative, friend, or service agency in Italy).

    All applicants will need to provide: application form (which is available on the Rome Appeal Court's website below), identity documents and, if necessary, a statement authorising a third party to apply for and/or receive the certificate on your behalf. Some local criminal records offices also have online lodgement procedures.

    Visit the website to verify and determine application checklists (including addresses and contact details) for all local offices in Italy. (Local information may differ.)


    Go to:

    Scroll down to:


    MODELLO 3 (privati) rivisto

    Modello DELEGA

    Modello N.4 richiesto da ente interessato

    Modello N.4 richiesto da ente interessato

    MODELLO NUOVO Richieste dall'estero

    Modulo retro richiedenti dall'estero-nuovo plurilingue

    From here, you can download the application form for both certificates (modello 3). Further instructions on how to fill in the form if you are outside of Italy are in Italian under ‘modello nuovo richieste dall'estero’ with French/ English/ Spanish translations under the last link.

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