External hard drive help?

I have several external drives 500 gb and 1 tb drives. The drives are physically un damaged, never been dropped etc. me drive has been used for 3 beck ups off my PC. No viruses etc.

The problem is when I did a system beck up, I left my PC unattended for the night, my room mate unplugged the drive and shut the laptop lid. When trying to access anything shed on the drive I cannot recover anything, the laptop does not recognize the drive.

This has happened several times, both doing PC beck ups as well as large file beck ups. I don't mind loosing a few files, but what was on the drive should be able to be rescued, however I do to have the $1200 to $1700 dollars the PC stores are asking for to salvage the date.

Is there a program that works to recover the date? Am I able to access the drive through a back door method?

I get varying messages on the different drives when I try and access them, some are the non system disc, or disc not found, drive not found, or the drive letter will come up in dos but not n windows.

Currently I am running windows Vista home on a sony laptop, standard configuration, nothing custom. It's the setup that came from the store (just had the hard drive replaced by sony)

Thanks for any advise, I have run out of ideas, and I have enough programs that don't work, I thought you guys might have better experience and ideas then I do, I am starting over, re-learning how to uses PC because of injury. Please bear with me.

Thanks to all!


The external drives lost power while in the process of transferring files, if that causes physical damage to the drives, then I will give up hope, even best buy cannot un damage a drive. The PC powered down during a backup and was not able to write a catalog so now it doesn't recognize the drives involved. I reformatted the one with little to no data, it's working fine, the others had pictures etc on besides the back up, that's what I am trying to rescue. Best buy misplaced my orig. back up.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Most likely a sector went bad on the HD, it is very costly if you go to a retailer and try to get the data back. The people that get your data back physically will put all the pieces back together and fix it. I don't think their is a software out there because your HD is damaged. I would go to the GeekSquad at bestbuy because I worked their before, they should be helpful and give you the right advice.

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    7 years ago

    I get a feeling that your "backup" was not a backup

    Definition of backup = the procedure for making extra copies of data in case the original is lost or damaged.

    If this were true that fact that you say you did a backup then all you have to do is call the hard drive company and have them replace it since its most likely under warranty.

    If you did not have a backup then you either pay the money to have an inlab data recovery get your data or loose all your data.


  • 7 years ago

    if you have it pluged in when you turn it on try un plugging it then plug it back in with computer turned on if this does not work try doing add new hardware you may have to load some info about the drive but it should work.

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