Drivers who cut through a gas station or other business?

I live in Texas and recently got a ticket for cutting through a gas station but I'm not entirely sure if my reasoning for doing so makes a good defense.

I was at an interaction, with a bus and car in front of me. I had to make a right so I waited. But the light turned red green red but the bus didn't move. I didn’t want to change lanes because the other lane had traffic so I waited. Then the car in front of me goes to the left lane and leaves and then I notice that the bus had its emergency brakes on. So since I wasn’t sure when it would move, I drove through the gas station to get to the other interaction. And that's when the cop ticketed me.

I explained to her that the bus was there for a while and didn't move but she said I was supposed to wait before cutting through the gas station.

Any thoughts on this?

Please and thanks.

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  • 7 years ago

    First, don't even try to talk your way out of a ticket unless you have a passenger, the cop will remember you. If you say nothing, and go to court, you have the element of a surprise defense and catch the cop off guard. Ask a bunch of questions, like, "do you recall if it was raining?", and a bunch of other things, did she recall seeing a black car appear to be changing into your lane in front of you, almost hitting you or whatever. You can break a traffic law if avoiding an accident, so I try to get the cop to say that they don't recall seeing this and that, then sum it up by saying another car was cut off, almost hit me, so I turned to the right and was already on the ramp to the gas station, so I decided to get gas, then I looked and my tank was full so I decided to pull out of the station. Something like that, and, "it is obvious by the officers answers that she doesn't recall the actual incident and is just reading her notes, and she didn't even witness the entire incident, which is mandatory to write a ticket" etc. If they don't see the entire incident, they aren't supposed to write a ticket. if it was a right turn only lane, add the fact that going around the bus to the left would have been unsafe and against the law anyway, and the bus was broken down. The cop might not even show up. Whatever time you got the ticket, set the court date at that time. they may be busy, also, if you live closer to the county seat than the Court where you need to go to trial, have the case transferred there, less likely she will show up if its a good distance.

    Source(s): I investigated traffic accidents for twenty years and have beaten many tickets in court.
  • 7 years ago

    All you can do is go to court and say I had waited though a light, then realized the bus was broken down, there were cars all trying to pull out around the back of me and the lane was blocked, and I was close to the bus, so I thought the safest thing to do was just turn right, as I would have had to pull around the bus, gone into the middle of intersection to clear the bus then turn right.

    I was not in a rush, simply trying to do the safest thing.


  • Gordon
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    7 years ago

    You did wait. But the bus was blocking traffic. Although you are not supposed to cut through a business, you did so because it seemed like the safest possible option. You did drive carefully through the gas station? Right? If you sped through, that will invalidate your entire argument.

  • ?
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    7 years ago

    The bus had its "emergency brakes on?" I wonder how you determined that. Sorry, we only have your version of this story. Asking here if futile and just gathers the paranoia, political views and opinions of others, which matters not one bit in court. Hardman even gave his opinion that the police planted to bus to catch violators. Really? Worthless. Pay the fine and learn your lesson. There are millions of accidents each year due to people not realizing the dangers. Just yesterday on my way to a shop at a strip mall with a large parking, one driver was cruising, without looking, not on the marked lanes and not even looking for traffic. I was. And I saw this car so I stopped. If I had not been looking out for people doing that, I would have been in a crash. All the other person's fault but still. Do not take chances due to convenience. The driver, now dead, of this car, was driving for his convenience. Not worth it. It might be you last "convenience."

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