How did you night wean?

My 15 month old doesn't really seem to mind or miss breastfeeding during the day at all. He will tug on my shirt and I offer a bottle, he is happy to take it. But at night, to go to sleep he pushes the bottle away some times and wants to nurse. Any ideas / tips to cut out those night feedings?

He also STILL wakes up about 3x a night... AGH!!!! Should I offer bottle of water, just rock and no milk?? Currently I nurse him each time, but I can sort of see that he isn't nursing as aggressively as he use to, in other words he doesn't need or may not even really want to nurse. He just sort of does because I offer.

Thoughts? Experience? THANK YOU

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    If you are trying to wean, you can stop offering. He is likely waking because he is seeking some company and comfort, not because he is hungry at this age. Try offering some water, give him a cuddle, and put him back down. Babies will often work out how to sleep through the night is we make our night time interactions as boring as possible.

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