How can I get Cry Of Fear standalone without Steam?

I have had no luck with Steam and Steam's support wants nothing to do with me (I guessed that because they never responded to my tickets). I was hoping that someone could help me find Cry Of Fear standalone without using Steam. I don't want to have to download Half-Life and the Cry Of Fear mod, I want the full Cry Of Fear game. The standalone game is what I want, I know the game is free on Steam but I don't like Steam because of the "We don't care" attitude they put me through. I will give best answer to the one that actually helps me. One last note, I've tried torrents and the one's I've tried crashes when the game first starts every time, ether that or the game requires a password and the sites refuses to give me the password. Please help, and again I will give best answer to the one that helps me (And if what you say really works). One last thing, the torrent I downloaded that didn't work was from TPB.

2 Answers

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