How much Milk should a 15 month old have? 10 points?

I'm at the end of weaning my 15 moth old. He still does not eat hardly any table food, he mostly just wants bottles. How many should I aim to limit him to? (Bottles of formula that is)

He is on the Toddler formula 12-36 months one.

And any tips to get him to eat more food rather than just drinking so much formula?


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  • Suzy Q
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    7 years ago

    If he's really hardly eating anything (and do remember toddlers can be seemingly small eaters and still thrive) it may be a better idea to keep him on follow-on (6-12 months normally) formula for a while. Toddler formula (just like whole milk) is a beverage, follow-on formula is a meal.

    With whole milk a reasonable amount would be around 16 oz (at least 10 and at very most 24) if he were well established on table food. So that's the end result you'd be aiming at. But I would really gradually decrease the bottles (and maybe switch to a sippy cup, straw cup or even regular cup if he'll take that), don't just take away his current food source and starve him into accepting table food.

    Of course it is okay to let him go a LITTLE hungry to encourage eating (for instance offer milk AFTER a meal instead of before or with) but not too much: a ravenous toddler just wants the food he knows and will be in no mood to try fun new things.

  • Bobbi
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    7 years ago

    Do ask your doctor. I'd do a bottle in the morning AFTER breakfast. Give breakfast, and a sippy or cup with a formula/milk combo. Slowly cut out bottles and replace with the cup. And toddler formula, marketing gimmick for formula companies to keep you buying their processed garbage. . After age 1, babies can drink whole milk.

    Babies can start on table foods at age 6 months on (no teeth needed), some kids like their food served larger finger food size. If your baby has always had baby food, table food will taste odd. It will take some time to adjust to the new taste of real food, and toddlers are resistant to trying new foods. Just try serving meals with family, and foods your family are eating. The food might need to be soft, and easy to pick up to eat. Drinks should be in a cup to get them used to drinking.

    google baby led weaning for more tips! best wishes!

  • .?.
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    7 years ago

    My daughter isn't there yet however I was just talking with a friend who is weening. She said her son at 11 months was talking four bottle. One first thing in the morning, two during the day and the fourth right before bed. I would start feeding him food before drinking his formula for at least the middle feedings. Let him have his first thing feeding and last feeding. But give him whole milk with his food. See if that helps. Once he is good with that then take away his last feeding and finally his first feeding. After 12 months babies can have milk instead of formula and breastmilk.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    my pediatrician say 18-24oz of WHOLE milk a day for a child 1-2 years old. WIC says the same thing so I would go with that. they need a lot of calcium for their little bodies to grow and stay strong.

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  • 7 years ago

    I would say at least 16 oz Daily and try putting it in a sippie cup

  • 6 years ago

    thank you!

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