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piece of foreskin is attached to tip of penis?

So I'm 15 and have been trying to masturbate for years but could never do it. I thought something was wrong with me but my doctor said that everything is normal.

But last night I was trying again and I saw something that freaking the ******* **** out of me: a piece of the inside of my foreskin is attached to the tip of my penis.

I have never seen that before and thought about it for a while. "Could this be why u can't masturbate?" Then I remembered something! When I tried to masturbate, it was always lopsided. So I was pulling more to the right because the foreskin piece was attached on the left! This has to be the reason

So I talked to my dad, who told me it was normal. So I was relieved. But I looked all over online and everyone is saying how I should see a doctor because of some blood flow crap.

What do you guys think? Is it normal to have a piece of the foreskin attached to the tip of the penis?? Please help me. My parents won't take me to a doctor because of what my dad says. PLEASE HELP!

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  • Roddy
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    6 years ago

    Nobody on here can properly diagnose if you have anything wrong with you, you need your penis to be examined to be able to tell for sure.

    There are two possible answers to your situation. Everyone is born with a 'cord' on the underside of the penis linking the back of the glans (penis head) to the inner foreskin. This is called the frenulum. Its sole purpose is to assist the foreskin to return to covering the glans as an erection subsides. It is perfectly normal in all uncircumcised males.

    If the 'link' is not on the under side of the penis (being careful,not to twist the penis as you look for it) then it is most likely a synechial adhesion remaining from your infancy. The glans is joined all over to the inner foreskin at birth by strands called synechia. These normally all break down naturally during the first 5 years or so, allowing the foreskin to be retracted from at least the age of 8. Parents ought to check a boy at this time to see that he can freely retract his foreskin since complete retraction is necessary for proper cleaning under the foreskin to remove the waste matter called smegma that collects there.

    Any synechia remaining after 8 years old can easily be broken down by a doctor with a blunt probe.

  • 6 years ago

    Hi David:

    You are blessed with a highly erogenous, nerve-laden foreskin. I think you still have a fusion on the left side. This is normal in boys who are still developing.

    Baby boys are born with the inner layer of the foreskin fused with the surface of the underlying glans penis. This is natural, normal, and protects against infection. Over some years, the fusion spontaneously disintegrates and releases the inner foreskin. This usually happens prior to puberty, but not always.

    It is not uncommon in adolescence to have the inner layer of the foreskin still fused to the glans penis. It is not a serious problem.

    Apparently, your foreskin has not yet released, although it probably is about ready to release due to your age. You can try peeling the foreskin away from the glans penis to see if you can break the remaining fusion. Do it carefully and little by little. It may take you several tries to get it all.

    When you tear the foreskin away, the head will be red in color, where the separation occurred, for a while. Put some Vaseline under your foreskin to prevent it from re-adhering to the head.

    You may also try "ballooning" your foreskin by pinching the tip shut when you pee and causing the foreskin to fill with pee. That will lift the foreskin away from the head and tear loose the fusion. If you do that, then apply Vaseline after it separates.

    If you can’t get it to separate by pulling on it, a urologist can help you. It is called “lysing”.

    Don’t let anyone sell you a circumcision. It is not necessary and extremely harmful.



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