Is it worth getting MineCraft for the PlayStation 3 when I have the Pocket Edition?

I have recently gotten into MineCraft and bought the Pocket Edition. I saw that MineCraft is also on the PlayStation 3, should I get it for the PlayStation 3? Is there new stuff in the PlayStation 3 version that's not on the Pocket Edition (Aside from the medium sized world and online play).

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    For best experience, if you have a good computer ( good internet speed, 8 Gbs of RAM, good graphics card, and fast processor) then get PC. It is the best version out of any of the possible systems you can play it on. PS3 and Xbox are next, but they take a looooooooooong time to udpdate, to keep up with new content to keep the game fun. The PC edition always comes first. There are tons of servers and millions to play with. Pocket edition sucks ***. There is next to nothing in it. I know Xbox is somewhat dated in the game, however I cannot speak for the PS3. However, I can say this, THERE IS SO MUCH MORE ON XBOX/PS3 THAN POCKET EDITION. It's not funny. The xbox and ps3 don't even compare to the PC edition though. Not even close. You will have sooooo much more fun on PC or PS3, I can almost guarantee it.

    Source(s): Have PC, Xbox and played PE. PC is the best by faaaaaarr. Xbox/ PS3 is alright, but not updated as fast. PE SUCKS
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