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Is my cage big enough for my ferrets?

I have a ferret nation 183 model. Its size is 36 x 25 x 87 1/4 inches. I own 4 ferrets Athena, Hercules, Herra, and Hades. I just got the new member (Hades) of the family a couple of days go. I let them run out of the cage most of the day. The cage is mainly there for a place for them to sleep. But when i go run errands i lock them up for a couple of hours 4 hours being the longest. So is the cage big enough for them or do you guys think i should bring up my old cage and put it in the room with the FN. I bought the old one for Athena when i got her 1st, It is the superpet my first home, 2 story ferret cage . Its size is 24"L x 24" W x 41.5"H. So will the FN 183 be big enough since the longest they will stay in there 4 hours at the most and only when i go to errands are they locked up. So on a side note if you guys think i should bring up the old one then ill just combine the cage so they are not separated.

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    Is it like this one:

    Or this one, minus one part, or even just like it:

    Well, with four ferrets, either one would be too small. However, if it's a double, or like that triple one, it'll be perfectly fine if they're only in it for four hours. It's sufficient if it's the larger one, but more space is still preferred. Again, if they're out a lot, it's fine. If it's like the first one though, it's not even sufficient for one, let alone four. =) They like a lot of space, and need stuff to do or they get cage stressed even for short periods.

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      yes, its the one that's triple stacked biggest one i could find with building one

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