Is 'brass compression cap' more reliable than 'push-fit cap?

I have a plumber who came yesterday to cap two plastic pipes using plastic 'push-fit cap'. As the pipes will be placed below the floor, I really don't want to see any leak in the future inside the floor. So I just want to know if it is more reliable to use 'brass compression cap'. The 'push-fit cap' looks cheap.

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    6 years ago
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    In my experience push fit caps are 100%. I have used them for many years without a problem. The greater the water pressure the more they grip. I have come across leaking compression joints but not push fit. So in my opinion you need not be concerned.

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    the push fit are cheap ..and for peace of mind get them changed a builder ..use push fit regulalrly ..but would not trust them long term ...but if it had to be long term ..and on plastic pipe ..thats better than copper

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    6 years ago

    rated for 200 psi but not recommended for behind the wall

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