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Is it ok to use my use my mums shower cap instead of a condom?

My boyfriend and I are going to have sex but we are embarrassed to buy them so we are going to find something else. All I could find was my mums shower cap. Will that work?

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  • Lol omg that won't work at all! Just buy condoms, what's the big deal? They have colorful ones, flavored ones, even ones that glow in the friken dark! There's nothing embarassing about it, and condoms aren't thst expensive. My bf bought a box of 36 for like $7. Also too, won't your mom be pissed off if she ever finds out about thr shower cap?! Gotta think about that. Just buy condoms, nothing to it. My personal recommendation is Trogan Fire and Ice. You can get them at any drug store, and you can get them pretty cheap. They'll last you a while if you don't have sex all the time. Another plus about condoms, it has lubricant on it for better insertion and more pleasure. Jussayin.

  • MissA
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    6 years ago

    Nope. Nor will plastic baggies, saran wrap, or any of the other things that morons use to try and prevent pregnancy. Condoms are specifically designed to fit the penis correctly and are made of a material carefully tested to ensure sperm can't get through. This is not true of anything else. Nobody has any effs to give if you buy condoms from them, and imagine how embarrassed you two will be if you have to admit to an accidental pregnancy at some point.

  • Ron
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    6 years ago

    Wait until you are MATURE enpugh to ask for the real thing. If you are not adutl enough to ask than you are in no way ready for sexual activity.

  • 6 years ago

    omg are you being serious 😂😂😂

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