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My Budgie isn't feeling well?

I've had her for about three years, my sister worked at a pet shop and I got her and another budgie because she can't fly and they weren't allowed to sell her.

She's in a fairly large avery that she's been sharing with my abled budgies. She often gets around by using her beak and climbing down the frame. But today I noticed she's been sitting at the bottom, she's puffed up and breathing heavily as though she's crying.

I've put down a piece of cloth to keep her warm, some food and water, but she's not tame and walks away to the back of the avery where I can't reach her. The other budgies are leaving her well alone and keeping away from her.

Any ideas about what could be wrong with her? And what I can do to help her?

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    Get her to a vet!!!! Birds dont show when they are sick, so by the time we notice, they are already really ill!!! I know thats not what u want to hear but she needs a vet. Make sure she is eating, check her stool, runny, very dark or black indicates u have a definite problem on your hands. If you want to save her get her to have it, and even then there's no guarantee she will make it.

    Source(s): Own keets, lovebirds and a GCC for about 7 years, also a advisor at Petco.
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    Take her to the vet!! When birds are sick they fluff up and sit at the bottom because they have barely any strength to fly. Definitely do something very very soon to save the bird!! Sorry about her being sick, hope that she gets better and hope that this helps

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