could i be pregnant?

im 23 days late. I did a home test a few days ago it was negative.i havent had a period since 2nd of jan. I did miss a tablet last month.

late last year i missed a period a couple of months in a row. Did home tests and at doctors.all negative. I had missed a few days of my pill those months which then brought on bleeding. my doc said if i even miss 1 tablet it could stop my period that month. Im on noriman by the way.

the only thing thats stressing me out is iv put on 5kgs in 2 months but i just took that as because iv been eating lots of fried fatty foods,takeaway and drinking alcohol and soft drinks. before that i watched what i ate and drank and worked out quite alot.

im freaking out!!!

1 Answer

  • 6 years ago

    Go to a doctors office , they are the only ones with a positive answer.

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