The Bobbi Kristina Brown saga!?

That poor girl has already died as far as I'm concerned. Shame on her next of kin for letting this nonsense go on like this. Her father is in the limelight again, after how many years? How convenient for him. When & if he finally decides to do the right thing, he will fade back into the woodwork. My question is: do you think he's doing it for the publicity? Can a person really be that selfish?


Of course he loves her & is grieving. I have been there & done that 20 years ago with my brother, so the topic hits close to home. Brain death is different than a coma. She will not wake up. There is nothing TO wake up. Zero brain activity. Modern medicine can only do so much. Her body will give up on its own, even with the machines, eventually. They are prolonging what's going to happen anyway. Honestly, we treat dying pets with more respect than this.

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  • 6 years ago

    I don't think he's doing it for publicity or money.If he was he would be the one talking to the media.In which he's not. It's his other Brown family and some of the Houstons like Pat. His Lawyer is doing the talking for him and he's only said about what reports aren't true and about Bobby Kristina not being married.

    I actually think he's in denial she's gone and actually thinks a miracle will happen. He could also be feeling guilty that he wasn't there for her when she needed him and how he was part of the reason she got involved with drugs.

    I don't think anyone should really be judging him on this. Nobody can understand how hard it can be to let your child go. Yes it's Selfish leaving her there to suffer and die. But i think he needs to come to terms of it. if he leaves her there on life support for more than at least 2 more weeks than yes it's it's becomes like a Jahi McMath situation and if she does wake up she won't be the same ever again and would be like a Vegetable.

    Part of Grieving is being in denial

    Put yourself in his spot. Would you think it would be easy to let your child go

    You don't know how he's feeling. Just because he may of not had the best relationship with her doesn't mean he doesn't love her or is not feeling grief

  • 6 years ago

    Whitney's daughter is NOT dead!! She's still alive!!

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