Mormons, do you know of any similar stories where a mysterious voice saved someone's life?

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  • rac
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    6 years ago

    Stories such as this abound in the Church. It is common for members to listen to the whisperings of the spirit and to learn of danger or promptings to be of service to others. This is what the Gift of the Holy Ghost is all about which we receive at baptism. If we live faithfully, the Holy Ghost will reveal truths to us when we need them.

    I will give you one example from my life. My father was prompted by the spirit to sell his house and move. If he had hung on to the house two more months, he would have realized a rapid increase in housing prices but he probably would not have benefitted because his employer, who had joint title on the house, went bankrupt before the housing prices increased. So the spirit's promptings actually saved his finances rather than losing out on the profit. If he had hung on, he would have lost everything to his bosses' bankruptcy.

    Source(s): my LDS opinion
  • 6 years ago

    definitly, i probably heard the same story you are talking about. you should watch a movie called 17 miracles, the saving of a dozen lives in mormon history

  • Greg
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    6 years ago


    Their whole religion is based upon one guy claiming that he heard voices.

    Does it REALLY surprise anyone that some people "heard god" in Mormon country with no rational people around for miles?

    Dum, dum, dum dum dum!!!

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