Are APK files safe to download from DepositFiles?

I've download an APK file that's no longer on Google Play, so I downloaded it on DepositFiles. here is the link:

Now for those that didn't click on that link and want to know what the app is, it's called: Aika Your Virtual Girlfriend.

No I don't want any hate or troll comments please, what I did was: I went to NetQin and scanned the APK and the results were "Secure" but when I put it on my phone I got a message saying that APK files can harm my device. This APK has a money hack so is that the reason my phone it telling me it's dangerous? I haven't installed it yet, I'm waiting for some reassurance that it's safe to install.

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  • 6 years ago
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    No, it is not safe.

    DepositFiles is a sinkhole full of malware and viruses.

    Avoid downloading ANYTHING from DepositFiles or even visiting it by any cost.

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