i need help does any one know how to cook emu it is for my assessment?

i need some help and like asap

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  • 6 years ago
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    Remove innards if it has not been done.

    Remove feathers.

    Cut up just like you would chicken or turkey.

    I guess you could roast it whole if your oven is large enough.

    I am also guessing that this is an older bird you might be better off stewing it.

    Again cut into parts and place in a large pot add water to cover.

    Season with salt, pepper add a few carrots, onion and celery.

    Simmer until tender.

  • Djb
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    6 years ago

    By the picture I assume you are starting with the whole bird , the easiest thing to do would be to skin it and debone it . Cut the meat into 1 inch thick slices season and either grill or broil . You could also cook it on a spit over a large bed of coals .

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