How long do anti depressant meds take to work?

My sister has depression. She s on sertra the strongest ones. The doc said it will get worse before it gets better. She s nearly at 2 weeks on them. She said they make her feel really weird like all spaced out. She also has anxiety meds but they give her massive headaches so she stopped them.

She doesn t work, she sleeps all day is up all night, eats crap, doesn t exercise, doesn t help with housework.

It s really hard because I don t know how to help her. I got her to ring a counsellor the other day to make an appointment and they never rang her back.

I have two younger kids who absolutely love her but obviously don t see what s going on with her. It s pretty draining for me too as I m trying to figure out ways to help her but I also have two kids to look after, housework to do plus look after myself.

Will they start to make her feel better soon. I feel bad saying this but I don t know how much more I can handle

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  • O
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    5 years ago

    Usually several weeks, sometimes they don't work. Does your sister believe they will help? (If she does its a very good sign and means its much more likely they will help).

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