were the landlords suppose to fix this?

My brother has 2 bathrooms house was a duplex but now 1 big 4bd house. Had his brother in law living with them when shower head in the brother in laws bathroom fell on his head. Landlords changed it. About a month after BIL moves out. A couple of weeks later go in to clean bathroom and white shower has blue splatters everywhere. Landlords blame BIL for "maybe putting cleaning agent in shower and forgetting to clean it". Turns out it was a leaky shower. Something wrong with pipes...lead or corrosion or something and it leaks blue. Landlords clean with acid then remove shower head as no one is using that bathroom.

Months after no hot water at one end of house (2 small hot water heaters outside). Electricity company said that size heater is not big enough for family of 4. Brother told landlords but instead of buying a bigger size tank they just got plumber to run all hot water through the one little tank.

BIL moves back in and still no second shower or bigger or 2nd water heater.

The landlords were kind of like well your on long lease and don't plan on going anywhere and we can't afford to fix it (but can fix or car and JetSki).

Are the landlords suppose to fix the above problems seeing as their paying rent for a 4bd 2 bathroom house?

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  • 5 years ago

    Check the lease. If it was signed and doesn't cover such a thing, then they aren't responsible. If it does cover such a thing, they can sue the landlord *regardless* of whether they say that they can't afford it. A judge doesn't want to hear that. They can use the rent money, which is usually way higher than an actual mortgage, to help pay for it.

    However, I would say that in this case, they are violating property codes with their little workarounds and it is causing even more problems than if they had just fixed it to begin with.

  • 5 years ago

    I don't understand how it's not the landlords job to fix these things. They even tried upping his rent because their insurance on the house went up...is that right?

    He said lease just says stuff about cleaning and fumigating when they move also the mowing etc

  • 5 years ago

    Landlords are requires to maintain the property up to local building codes. While leases may say who is responsible for what, those leases must be in compliance with the law.

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