What is most likely the cause of a Strong urine smell in one area of a brand new home.?

So we just build a house, have only been in it 2 months and from day one there has a been an awful urine smell in one area of the house (daughter room and the jack and jill bathroom)

It isn't constant, that is the puzzling part!

I feel like it is a mice urine issue as we are battling mice in our attic... country home. But we've only caught maybe 10 total. I assumed for there to be a urine odor issue it had to be more of like an infestation? We haven't had a single mouse inside the house.

What could it be, mice urine in the wall(s)?

Mold somewhere?

Ventilation done incorrectly?


btw, it is not a dry p trap already checked that

thank you.

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  • 5 years ago

    You may have a vent fan in the bathroom that is vented to the attic and not to the outside. When conditions are right that is a slight back draft letting attic air into the bathroom and that brings the mouse urine odor with it.

    You really need to get a professional to come out and seal all of the possible opening where mice can get in. They can squeeze through very, very small holes.

  • Lana
    Lv 5
    5 years ago

    Did you and your husband and/or friends build the home yourselves

    or did contractors build it? I ask that question because not very long

    ago I was talking to someone in this city who builds homes. He told

    me the contractors got into the nasty habit of peeing in one area of

    one of the homes they were building. He spoke to them about it and

    told them to quit. His electrician informed him that the contractors were

    still being pigs (my term) and that he had a solution. The boss told his

    electrician to go ahead and carry out his solution. He ran a low voltage

    hot wire under a mat or something where their "favorite spot" was. The

    first guy that went to relieve himself there got a jolt. That solved the

    problem. I tell you all that to suggest when your house was being built

    there may have been that same issue happening. If you know who the

    contractor was I'd suggest you contact the boss of that company. I

    would just about bet that is what is causing your problem.

  • 5 years ago

    Can u also cross check if there is Floor Clean Out or Floor Drain Point provided in ur bathroom. If yes then check if the water seal in these points as well!

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