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How long should it take for a new house to feel like home?

My husband and I built our dream home but it's not been a dream, rather a nightmare. It's out in the country so we are battling mice in the attic, spiders, some house issues etc

Overall it is causing me SO MUCH stress and anxiety! I want to RUN back to my old home and former life living in town!

He is devestated that I'm unhappy out here. I keep waiting and praying and waiting..... but over 2 months later I still cry several times a week about it.

Is there hope that it will eventually grow on me. I just think living in the country is not for everyone, me being part of that group. The house trouble and mice problem make it all 10x worse!

1 Answer

  • 5 years ago

    maybe if you buy some rat poison, that could take care of the mice. i don t really have any advice for the house trouble though :(

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