Want to go Oman?

Hey everyone. I have a few questions for people who have travelled to Oman or live there currently:

- Is September a good month to visit Oman?

- How is the weather currently compared to that of other Middle Eastern countries, e.g. Qatar.

- Where are the best beaches?

- Where should I go to in Oman if I want to see greenery and streams/rivers?

- What other places are popular to tourists? Famous landmarks, heritage sites etc.

Please suggest places that you particularly like to visit in Oman. Answers will be appreciated.

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    Sep is tourist season in Salalah , Oman because this area has different weather than north Oman .

    Its quite different Salalah than Qatar for example, but parts of north Oman and parts of UAE overlap so the weather near UAE border is similar on both sides. The farther south you go in Oman coast you become exposed to tropical climate from Indian ocean. Even the waves there are huge compared to the gulf shore waves. But this means it is expensive to find a booking now in Salalah , in Muscat plenty of hotels , but hotel capacity in Salalah is limited. Its about 1000 Kms between the 2 cities so you are advised to fly , but you can also go by bus from Muscat. It is also possible from UAE on a different route.

    The visa type you need depends on your nationality as many western or developed country nationals are simply eligible for visa on arrival any way. But most Asians & Africans have to apply and select a "tour" visa type to suit their stay.

    The nationalities eligible for on arrival visas are listed on Oman Royal Police website


    Oman grants 10 day free entry to holders of Dubai tourist visa (thru UAE entry first)


    And also they have a combined tourist visa with Qatar.


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    I got a chance to meet this great man when I was in Oman 2 years back. He has one of the biggest constriction companies in Oman. Try and take a tour there if you have time on you

    Source(s): www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IAcoPt3Kgk
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    Why would you want to go to Oman? Is there anything specific there you want to see? What specifically brought you to want to visit that country? Are you Omani? Do you have family there?

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