Is the "Black Lives matter" movement racist?

I just watched this video on YouTube about this former marine who bluntly states that it is. He says that blacks are using it as a way to promote racism against whites, and ever since this movement started there's been more crime against whites and police alike.. Black on white hate crime seems to be on the rise and few African Americans seem to care. He claims there trying to use slavery to justify there actions today. If that's the case I got something to say. Are there racist whites? Yes. Cops? Yes. So target them.. NOT ALL WHITES! I didn't choose to be white!!! I was born! That's it! Plus I'm Greek.Greeks didn't come to America until 1900s. But since I'm white it doesn't matter to some.. You understand that all the slave owners are dead right? How can you be so ****** up.. I remember watching one of Buckley s speeches (a democrat running for president) who believes America in unjust and wants equal opportunity for everyone! But the "Black lives matter" program Shut him down. Why? My only guess is because of his skin color.. if it was a black man it would of been a different story I'm sure of it. The present African American community seems to be only looking out for themselves and not America as a whole, and slowly but surely becoming more racist than whites. What about the white people who supported Mr.king? Who don't see color? Who fought in the civil war and died for a better future for everyone? Why's that never brought up? I actually like darker girls myself (; lol

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    5 years ago
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    Yes, it is a very racist movement. It creates a "black vs white environment" where the killing of whites is justified, because apparently whites are evil perpetrators who have no regard for black lives.

    It's not just a one off movement, they've done movements like in this past. Afterall, they are infamous for their "rioting".

    According to the black community, it dosen't matter if a black person kills a black person, it only matters when a asian or white person kills a black person.

    Asian and White people are often held to unfair standards because they are perceived to be more priviledged.

    Even though blacks make up a small % of the population, they commit majority of murders themselves. Black on White & Black on Asian violence is much much higher than White on Black & Asian on Black violence.

    No sane person sees a point in the Black lives movement, which is in reality a incredibly racist movement bent on demonizing whites and the police. It justifies racism against Whites itself.

    It seems like some people don't learn from their mistakes - such as the Rodney King riots, where 50+ died because one black person was beaten by police.

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    It's very racist. As a Mexican I was offended by the tittle of the group. When I first heard of the Black Lives Matter slogan I was a bit taken back but I agreed. When I went to comment on the subject on facebook, I got mobbed by a whole bunch of Black lives Matter supporters calling me a racist asshole and other nonsense . Apparently saying that All Lives Mattered makes me a huge racist. I think they should switch the title to either all lives matter or minorities lives matter. One of the two because you have to admit the racism is here in America.

  • My views on it as a black man is this: It's both racist and non-racist movement. This is promoted to stop the police from shooting down innocent black children for nothing. I feel that blacks do have every right to stand their ground and not let injustice happen. When some blacks say this they want everyone to understand that they don't want any trouble and don't want to be harassed or shot down by police for innocent reasons (Non-Racist reasons). (Racist reasons) Blacks use this to make excuses for crimes they commit. I do think it is very pathetic when they complain but do nothing to stop the black on black crimes in the black community. Whites have no control over our actions.

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    Yes! This just brings more division to an already divided nation. When you see the "Black lives mater" movement chanting "Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon" and just encouraging people to attack cops, it says it all. What about all the Black on Black crime? (The highest rate in the nation I might add) I see no groups out there chanting about that! Clean your own house first, then we can talk.

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  • Absolutely not! The reason we need the black lives matter movement it because black people are being murdered and mistreated simply because they are black. White people don't face that problem, so we don't need a movement. I don't remember where I heard this, but its a great analogy. "Saying 'save the rainforest' doesn't mean 'screw all other types of forests.'"

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    the Black Lives matter movement is so goddamned racist that they actually pushed the case of a non-black unarmed victim (Zachary Hammond, who is white) into the media while the "All Lives Matter" crowd did nothing.

    And the Black Lives matter movement is so goddamned racist that they actually have participants of different races, including white people.


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    I'm black and I don't blame most of the black people for saying black lives matter because as black people we have been enslaved for 300 years and yea there were white slaves and all other races but they were not treated as bad as the black people were. i do agree yes black lives matter but other lives do to.otherwise whats the point of anyone living on the earth.Black lives do matter but we as black people shouldn't take it for granted we all bleed red we all are human doesn't matter if were white black or mixed race were people. btw stop saying black people are the minority because most of the people in the world have the same amount of that race.

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    5 years ago

    No it isn't. Black people being killed at a disproportionate rate, is. Being jailed at a disproportionate rate, when poc are not necessarily more likely to commit a crime, is. Black lives matter exists, because a lot of people either never thought so, or they needed reminding... So, you'll stop hearing it when white america actually starts believing it.

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    It's like a cause to protect the Black community from the racist White cops who go around shooting them.

  • 5 years ago

    Hopefully this organization will soon learn how to unite the races,rather than setting them back 25 years like they are doing. Yes they are RACIST,full of HATRED for society. They should be putting their efforts into STOPPING the UNCONTROLLED VIOLENCE of BLACKS on BLACKS in every major US city. This is the true problem in the black community;see if you can possibly do the RIGHT THING!!!!!

  • 4 years ago

    Absolutely it's racist. A modern-day version of the Black Panthers, who were also a terrorist group.

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