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How to get ri of fleas outside?

I live in a rental house and my dogs didn't have fleas before we moved here. I'm pretty sure the previous tenant didn't get the place sprayed.

Anyways it's on acreage and it's an unlined liveable shed with concrete floors. On 1 side of the shed there is an enclosed patio area that has a brick and dirt/sand floor. At the back and on the other side it's brick pavers then dirt, trees and bush around the rest.

I treat my dogs with the comfortis tablets. The patio area is the worst affected and that's where the dogs were but we'v moved them around the back.

Tried a vinegar/lemon juice spray but of course that didn't work. Just got the place professionally sprayed and he tells us after he sprayed that he used an "environmentally safe spray" as we have 2 young kids. We only noticed a couple that night but 3 days later their back with avengence 😡 The patio area is where we have to walk to come into the shed. Haven't noticed any fleas inside yet. I'm pretty sure the fleas are coming from the other side of the patio area where the dirt and palm trees are. I heard that using other product aswell as a professional treatment will stop the pro treatment from working?

Anyways any suggestion because I'm going insane.

Also a friend said the real estate should reimburse us for the spray but we haven't mentioned anything to them and we have been here for 3 months months.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    The problem is you spray and a few days later another lot of eggs hatch out. When a flea lays eggs - thousands of them - they dont all hatch out at the same time.

    So you need a very cheap method that you can repeat.

    If you have a steam cleaner or wallpaper stripper, set that up, and have the head under some flattened cardboard boxes to keep the steam where you want it. Treat one patch at a time starting closest to the house.

    Keep the grass cut short so the sun can get to the dirt, and compost or burn the clippings.

    Make some flea traps with some yeast brewing in a big jar. Add a pint of warm water with a tablespoon of sugar melted in it. Add some bakers yeast. Cover the neck of the jar with a rubber glove with a plastic pipe in it. Put the pipe near a sticky trap. They are attracted to warmth and the CO2 that the yeast makes. You lay also catch some wasps with these.

    What is the weather like? Just before you are due freezing weather, soak the entire yard in water. When the eggs get very wet then freeze they burst. It will kill most of them off.

  • Anna E
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    5 years ago

    I have owned dogs for my entire life and have periodically had flea issues. I just go to a hardware store or lawn and garden center and buy a yard spray that attaches to the end of the hose for fleas and different pests. I cut the grass make sure it's not going to rain within 24 hours and spray the yard well. I usually do it again in 2 weeks if the infestation is bad. These sprays usually have residual effect so it kills fleas and tics for 2 or 3 months. But in your case you need to be spraying the patio and the entire area. I know you might want to be environmentally safe, but most of these sprays are safe for pets and kids once the spray has dried.

  • 5 years ago

    Get the exterminator in again and use a vet recommended preventative on your pets.

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