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Pelvic pain. Help?!?

For three months now I've had pelvic pain. At first it would come and go, now it's non-stop. It feels like heavy pressure mixed with menstrual cramping with stabbing pains that come and go. Intercourse has become EXCRUCIATING and I bleed a little after every time I have sex. On occasion, accompanying the pelvic pain I have back pain and pressure on my bladder. I am 19 and in shape. I have had testing for stds, pregnancy, and other infections ALL negative. I've had an ultrasound (both inner and outer) all that was found was a small cyst on my right ovary. They said it looks normal. Let me add the sharp stabbing pain is on my left side. A few days after being told I had a normal cyst, I had intercourse. I had the worse pain in my life. (Worse than being hit by a car) extreme stabbing pain I started crying during sex. I was going to go to the ER but the pain had subsided after ten minutes. I called my Gynecologist... she told me my cyst had most likely ruptured.. and pain should go away after a few days. Welp its been two weeks. Even though im not have the pain that had me thinking I was dying, it still it horrid pain that's affecting my life. Thanks for reading, please comment on advice, if you had similar symptoms and have been diagnosed! Thanks!!!!!

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    Have you considered IBS, spasm of the colon can cause extreme pain in either the left or right side. I have it.

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