If you could have a private Island what would it be like?

My private island would be in place that still had the four seasons. It would have hot summers, winters cold enough to snow and nice springs and falls. It would be about 10 acres and would have pretty hills with tall grass/shrubs. The valleys would have forests. There would be a stream that ran part of the year. I would use the stream and the waves for electricity.



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  • 5 years ago
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    The Island would be located off the coast of Nova Scotia, and despite its geographic location it would maintain a cool temperate climate all year long, with summers that aren't too hot and winters that aren't too cold (nothing above 80 degrees, nothing below 50!). My Island would have great big deciduous trees and fields of poppy that run for miles and miles. A quaint little village lined with cobblestone roads would be located in the northwest corner of the Island, and from there I'd acquire all the basic items I need to live comfortably on the land. The seas would have an abundance of marine life while the forests would be teeming with gazelles and wild deer. The soil would be rich and fertile. My residence would be located next to a spring-water crater lake (much like the famous one in Oregon) In which I'd spend carefree afternoons swimming in the cool water and drinking Mimosas by the lakeside. At night, the skies will always be clear and bright with the pulsating glare of a thousand stars...

  • S
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    5 years ago

    Mine would be surrounded by water on all sides.

  • ice
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    5 years ago

    i would be covered in jungle and have a volcano at the center

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