Why do Christians claim Jesus is still alive?

Because you think about him a lot? By that logic, so are Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates. I d go even further and say that Christopher Hitchens, Mark Twain, and Hemmingway.


You could accept that you are willfully entertaining a delusion. Jesus, Mark Twain, Hemmingway, Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle are dead.

Next time you accuse liberals of "thinking emotionally", think of how you react to thoughts of Jeebus. You do the same thing. Christianity = institutional hypocrisy

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  • Rich
    Lv 6
    4 years ago

    The only way you can comprehend that Jesus is still alive is by having a relationship with him and experiencing how he changes you from the inside out and your life in general.

    The type of things he has done in my life are awesome beyond comprehension.

    He set me free from bad habits and given me understanding I never believed possible.

    But the most incredible thing, I believe, is to feel this peace that surpasses understanding like liquid in your veins despite really bad circumstances. It just does not make sense, but he does it.

    There is no question he is alive today. It has nothing to do with thinking about someone all the time.

    And by the way, you are allowing liberal propaganda to steal from you an experience that goes beyond understanding and that will be even greater after you die.

    I hope you will see the light before it is too late for you.

    • DP.
      Lv 6
      4 years agoReport

      Well done Daniel for showing us all your limited ability to think. Irrespective of the truth of Jesus being alive you would have us all believe that if there was a God who became a man He could not have raised Himself from human death and be alive as a spirit!

  • DP.
    Lv 6
    4 years ago

    .. so you ask a question and before receiving an answer you decide to preempt the answer and criticise it.

    If that's you're level of thinking no wonder you can't understand Jesus being alive.

    So here's the question ... why is it not possible for Jesus to be alive ?

  • 4 years ago

    Thought has nothing to do with it.

    Jesus was killed. This was witnessed. He was thoroughly dead.

    After this, he was seen alive again. Something over 500 people saw him at one time. He ate, and drank with his followers.

    He is proof of life after death. It's pretty much that simple. This is not an emotional thing, nor a philosophic one, but, simple fact. That it engenders emotions is interesting, but, the fact comes first.

  • anon
    Lv 7
    4 years ago

    there are 4 established facts concerning the fate of Jesus of Nazareth

    his honorable burial by Joseph of Arimathea

    the discovery of his empty tomb

    his post-mortem appearances

    and the origin of his disciples' belief in his resurrection

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